Letra de Someone Else's Hands - The Coronas

Letra de canción de Someone Else's Hands de The Coronas lyrics

I can't hide from the thought of losing control
This disguise means i'm not who you think you know
Cause i've seen my fair share of broken hearted love
But it just dont scare me half as much as it should
Mistakes that you made, i dont wanna know, i dont wanna know, i dont wanna know
All the ways that you've gained just makes it so much harder lettin go
In a daze i watched it move behind your eyes
But in some way i think you knew what i hid behind
it's easier to leave you cold than to waste your time
and if you hurt, know you broke your soul to save two lives
Cause i've seen...
And i'm sorry but now i have to go
you know we got too close and i hope you understand
that i cant give you all the things you want
you know my heart belongs in someone else's hands

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