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Letra de canci�n de Smack Dab de Smack Dab lyrics

You've got it wrong
We've got it right
A little to the left with all of your might
But we can't see straight
Because we're Smack Dab in it

It all seemed
So simple, didn't it?
Now we've done the deed, the rest is history
And we can't take it back
Because we're Smack Dab in it

We're stuck in the middle again
Seems like we're bound for a little zen
Because it seems like we're on it
Deep in it's more like it
Smack Dab in the middle again

Circle the truth
Think you can fool them
Ruthless in love, slightly above
Well, it's hard to see
When you're Smack Dab in it (CH)

Daylight never fades
The bulb is burning bright
False sense of timing
This could be your night
Put your hands in mine
Because we're Smack Dab in it.

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