Letra de Slowburn - Revelation Theory

Letra de canción de Slowburn de Revelation Theory lyrics

After, after all we are the same as we always were
We cover and carry on like everything's copasetic
And courage, we felt at all, it feels like failure overcome
And sometimes I feel like I can't wake up
I'm trying to breathe, I wanna let go
And so I can feel again, I break up
I'm trying to see, If I can let go
(I wanna pull away) And feel again
Sober we pulled it off, I'm clean and I'm cursed it's one in all
We forget the chemicals, we're faking the sense of self and heart
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
(I'm not awake) I'm slowly burning away
(I'm not ok) I'm falling flat on my face
But down on the pavement, I'm fighting the weight
(I'm not awake) I'm slowly burning away
(I'm not awake) I feel again
(I'm not ok)

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