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Letra de canción de Slave To Sin de Sacrament lyrics

Condemned, we all must die!
Bound by our mortality, fallen short of God
For all have sinned
Slave to sin, corrupted flesh, sin is death
Fools in the chains of sin
Burning in eternal flames
Slave, of the human race
Caught up in vicious trap, of death
Prisoner of corrupted flesh
Constant inner struggle of the brain
Imprisoned by the law of sin at work within my members
Waging war against my body and the thoughts inside my mind
Without forgiveness, slave to sin
Natural, human desires deserves death
But live according to the Spirit and you will live
The mind of the Spirit pleases God
In the Spirit put to death the misdeeds of the body
Sin deceived me, (sin) put me to death
Set me free from my sin in mortal error, Jesus
Come into my heart by your Spirit set me free
From sin and death
Slaves in the chains of sin
Falling into the pit of death
A slave to the grace of God
Benefits eternal life
Walk, in the light of God
His Son will purify us, of sin
Free of the snares of death
Confess your sins and they will be forgiven
Released from my mortal sin and evil of the mind
By my faith that's in the Lord when his Spirit sets me free
Without forgiveness, slave to sin
Justified, life to all men
Grace will reign through righteousness to bring
Eternal life through Jesus Christ
Life and peace, alive in God, dead to sin

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