Letra de Sideways Attack - Priestess

Letra de canción de Sideways Attack de Priestess lyrics

You are strong and you might assume.
That your skills can overtake me.
I've no time to waste, draw your sword.
Say goodbye, your life is over.
I'm a demon.
I walk the road through the river of fire.
The truth believed in betrayed.
My revenge, I long for the day.
Strangers pass by me in the street.
All they hope as they avoid me.
No remorse and I've no regrets.
Let them fall all around me.
Carried south on the river.
Blood was shed in the north.
Scattered bodies like windfall.
The disgrace is my cross to bear.
It's the force that motivates me.
Stand and fight me or step aside.
You will die if you attack me

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