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Letra de canción de Sick As A Dog de Aerosmith lyrics

please, I've just got to talk to you
please, well get your head out of the loo
please, we're a long long way from home
please, you turn a young man's face to stone
sick as a dog, what's your story
sick as a dog, a cat got your tongue
sick as a dog, you'll be sorry
sick as a dog, 'cause you really ain't that young
please, you were much to my surprise
please, you're a lady in disguise
please, you're the only friend I got
please, you'd be the last to see me rot
please, it's a shame you're so refined
please, she was the last thing on my mind
please, don't be late to take it light
please, you're gonna bay into the night
take it light (?) (4x)
say goodnight

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