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Letra de canción de Shores Of Time de Dante lyrics

Covered in his memory
Her yellowed portrait
He sees her sleep in the melting sun
Her face so wanly
Her smile mischievous
A lucent ghost sitting by his side
Twisted in between sights
His mind is tangled
Obscure signs of a dying mind
Afraid of hoping
Afraid of leaving
Blurry times
Fading out of sight
Now he's standing on the shores of time
A pilgrim gone astray
From the ashes of uncertainty
He turns his eyes away
Crushing down are years he
Feels the passing
Susurrate from the endless depth
He stills his soul as
His heart is anxious
Effigies in and out of time
Away he turns
And goes away
Away from the scene
The pictures
Turning dark
His weakning
Spirit fades
Old man's dying
Sheding tears alone
He know neither
Repentance nor regret
He's gone
The shadows stand beside your face
And I see the night
Withers something beautiful
Her smile's a saving grace.

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