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Letra de canción de Shining Redemption de The Legion lyrics

A. Time stands still as if stunned by a will much greater
Than mankind can grasp. A presence so bright that it
Burns the sight; trembling waves through the limbs.
Flashes of consciousness… remembrance of acts done
In glorious might. Still dwelling in vertigo. A vortex
Ascends through the dazzling light.

Shining redemption.

A swirl of chaos on every side, as in this vessel of
Flesh. This tool of dismay has completed its task.
Now, clarity's vision ensures. Tear the skin, exuviate!
A carnal temple in transduction. Excoriate, incise and
Deplete, remove this shroud of obstruction!

A vertiginous storm of blood, hail and fire, revolving
Surrounding accompanied by a deafening choir. Pain
And indulgence at once with a prodigious attendance.
Senses transform and evolve – evolutional transcendence…

Shining redemption.

Perspicacious and one with the chaos. The skin fades
To dust in the air. The sword of abhorrence; reshaped
For yet another existence. Behold: an ordinance
Redeemed in radiant grandeur, leading man in the
Dance of death.

A blessing in fire, a blessing in cold, an aura of bestial
Flames. Regeneration, since ages foretold. The light
Of all lights shines again. Never to bleed again, never
To suffer the poison of life. Armored with righteousness,
Now staring through the eyes of a superior breed.

Shining redemption.

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