Letra de Shine - Carmen Rasmusen

Letra de canción de Shine de Carmen Rasmusen lyrics

Sometimes the mirror's are too clear
For the whispers in your ear
With that magazine just telling you
To lose another pound
Work hard, don’t have too much fun
Don’t look too old, don’t act too young
And you’re wearin’ thin
‘Cos everybody’s tryin’ to bring you down
Wipe the tears from your eyes
You can change it all tonight
Be yourself, yeah
And shine, don’t let them take your sun away
Don’t listen to the words they say
You can’t let anybody take away that smile
Don’t let them steal your dream away
‘Cos even on those rainy days
It’s your world and nobody can shine like you
What is real and what is not
Only depends on what you got
Runnin’ round inside your head
It’s so dark it’s hard to tell
Will I hate myself today
Or will I find the strength to say
God help me feel the freedom
Of the love inside myself
Wipe the tears on yours eyes
You can change it all tonight
Be yourself, yeah

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