Letra de Shame - Rescuer

Letra de canción de Shame de Rescuer lyrics

I swear I’d breathe out what's left of me
if it meant you were given the same fighting chance.
To run. To feel the heartbreak of young age.
To scream out your fears. To face them.
And here I am a man left spread across a fear you’ll never know.

Shame. Shame.
To wish she could be free of this.
Shame. Shame.
For the times I’ve turned away.

Given up on every broken thought to hard to face with the weight of helplessness.
Having nowhere to place the anger at a god built on assurances.
It’s all I have not to fall apart watching her rallying to find the answer that just isn’t there.
I see her worn out. I see the pain behind her eyes watching you grow.

Still, I’ve found nothing like seeing her smile down at you.

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