Letra de Sex Machine - James Brown - Discomania (2008)

Letra de canción de Sex Machine - James Brown de Discomania (2008) lyrics

Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing
I wanta get into it, man, you know....
Like a, like a sex machine, man,
Movin'... doin' it, you know
Can I count it off? (Go ahead)
Spoken: One, two, three, four!
Get up, get on up
Get up, get on up
Stay on the scene, like a sex machine
Wait a minute!
Shake your arm, then use your form
Stay on the scene like a sex machine
You got to have the feeling sure as you're born
Get it together right on, right on.
Get up, get on up......
I said the feeling you got to get
Give me the fever in a cold sweat.
The way i like it is the way it is;
I got mine and don't worry' bout his
Get on up and then shake your money maker,
Shake your money maker........

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