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Letra de canción de Sermon Of Mockery de Pyrexia lyrics

Kneel before he who has killed his only son
To absolve you of all your sins
Die in your holy state
Wake in a womb of pain
Find him impaled in his truth
Nailed hand and foot
We spit on your bloodied remains
Defile the Host of Christ
In denial of your God
Worship in prayer we desecrate
Curse him in our unholy chants
Altar, virginial sacrifice
Satan's sermon of mockery
Mongrel Lord cleanse our souls
Conjure sights of holy doom
Hung on high, taste his death
Swallow flesh in communion
Torture the few who will turn
toward the light in vain
Tear through their souls
Damned to the void
This throne of hate is a gift to
Those who would serve
Eternal life, eternal pain
God, forsake him
Corpse of Christ, black with sin
Drink the blood of Christ
Pledge is Death in Hell
Sermon of Mockery

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