Letra de Serendipity - The Telepathic Butterflies

Letra de canción de Serendipity de The Telepathic Butterflies lyrics

My mind is made, control the flow that fills the brain
Why force myself to follow in the footsteps of the sane
When we all enjoyed the change
She's beside herself she claimed, she's beside herself
I close my eyes to stare inside this empty void
While all my thoughts, flow gently by, I watch them as
They go
And we all enjoyed the show
She's beside herself I know, she's beside herself
Drop your name down into my ear, wash out your fears
The moment's just begun
Set my stale seeds into the sand, watched where they
Just waiting for the sun
And when it comes, we'll celebrate it
And where it goes, it's hard to tell for sure
Take me back beyond the footsteps of this winding path
Or stay awhile, we'll greet the morning with a million
And we walked the shortest mile
She's beside herself the while, she's beside herself
Try my head gear and float along the atmosphere
The motion makes you hum
Take your time, stop, and smell the flowers going by
Whenever they may come
And it is clear, that summer's near
And if you look you will find me here

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