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Letra de canción de Seething With Disdain de Dying Fetus lyrics

Old beefs that remain intact
To be crushed beneath your feet
A debt that can never be paid
No matter how many enemies are deceased
Can't see much clearer in this life
That I chose to live
More than a simple feud
Will not end till death

The enemy you know two-faced, deceit is their way
Twisted cohorts, all lethal
Nothing will stay the same, fueling each other
Enact revenge, press forward
Do what needs to be done, settle past offense
Move swiftly, will kill now
All involved are marked men, guilty of your own
Crimes against humanity
Or God is your choice
Must be dealt with
No time like the present

Folklore tells of clans remaining dormant
Revisited dilemma, call on your allies
Genealogy to always be involved
Never get away from
Death of family will never stop
If you continue down this path
Histories of the bloodlines
Fused together
Bonded by blood
Combating each other
Warfare forever

Hostilities will continue
The struggle binds you
Spreading ripples of cause and effect
Justified revenge crucial
In endless conflict

Each choice berates a dynasty
Each fate tied to another
All involved willing to escalate
Intensified hatred embraced

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