Letra de See You Then - Roberta Flack

Letra de canción de See You Then de Roberta Flack lyrics

Part of a dream
Still Hurting
Hurting in my left eye
& I know I'm gonna have to make
A last try
But if I'm back in California
Before the snow flies
I'll see you then

I got no plans aside from living
Living till tomorrow
& I'm gonna run on every minuet
Every minuet
That I can borrow
& when I pay back all my dues
& lose the sorrow
I'll see you then

Lost, yes, I'm lost
Lost forever
Beyond your help and tender kindness
I cannot see beyond, beyond my cherished blindness

You must admit
We really, really had a nice time
There was moment after moment
Before the love died
& if I never kiss you lips
Again, on this side
I'll see you then
See you then

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