Letra de See-Thru You - Grand Duchy

Letra de canción de See-Thru You de Grand Duchy lyrics

they're tasting my lipstick
to check that it's pure
they're asking me questions
"have we met before?"
i give them some answers
we're all full of shit
little ticking time bombs
we just sit there and tick
receiving attention
from sources abroad
that was the intention
so drop the facade
oh, but they've put me on hold, yeah
for the millionth time
its getting so old, yeah
i want what is mine, mine, mine
i see through you
i can see through you
and i'm feeling majestic
fresh?bought from the store
jesus would not let me hate you
i wonder what for
i try to make embers
but nothing gets lit
little ticking time bombs
we tick tick tick tick tick
i see through you

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