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Letra de canción de Second To Sun de Atheist lyrics

Second to Sun, second to sun
Like Jupiter, we are the ones
All atoms, report to the sun...we are the ones.
Like Jupiter we are the ones, all atoms report to the sun, We are the ones!
The grandest performance, next in line to enormous.
Epicureans say it the senses, over reason to finish the sentence.
Gods and fear, glass ceiling above and below.
Why are we here, you were so sure we thought you would know..you don't know!

And belief split to 4 like a cross on the floor
It split front, back and side from side, LIKE A CROSS Front, back, side to side LIKE A CROSS!
You call it god, I'll worship the sun, without all her fire there won't be anyone.
Second to Sun.
I wanna live like the red spot
Winds 11,000 miles per hour, red red hot!
I want my storm to never, ever end!

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