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Letra de canción de Scripturally Transmitted Disease de A Forest Of Stars lyrics

I've never been a pillar of society;
Quiet the opposite in fact
A plyer of insults;
A place marker on the path of least resistance;
Nothing more
A face in a crowd, but a crowd behind Bedlam's bars
Providing a barbed laugh for the wealthy;
A grinning, dry target for their rigidity

Happily stuck in the throats of an angry mob stretched beyond repair by production line proclivity
I am as steadfast refusal
I've shown no interest and I've reaped little that I've sewn
A world of cloned mechanists has left me unwaveringly organic;
Perhaps food for thought or just food for the worms
I stand as a final insult to the easily offended;
All words out of turn to kindle their burning world
If for one moment I thought I felt a twinge of guilt
I would put it down to angry muscles shifting their weight against all the irrelevance
I will stand as grave marker in resolute denial of the state of your two thousand years of treading water;

So dig a good deep hole for Abraham and all his insipid godlets
Whatever name it goes by, it's all the same crumpled at the grave-side
Abrahamic iterations all divide by zero
Cartoon Lucifer presiding

I lost my shadow amongst the marionettes;
Soul chord measured found wanting
Probably too long, frayed and / or split to dance with the more standard corpses in this world of shit
I sold my spirit;
Might even have quaffed it blind without realising
Any port in a storm, they say
Oh, so they say
Heart removed as part of some half-arsed morning ritual, piss-begotten solitude sold out at the drop of a gaping fish-mouthed hat
Filed away amongst the other stolen myths;

The lore of these folks is nought but a long string of syphilitic spit
Scripturally transmitted disease, if you will
In fact, no - I insist

So make a monolith of me, but plant me facing sunset;
Back turned to the broken day

Leave me here watching the darkness
I have no time of day
I have no time for day
Don't come looking for me
I'm long lost, seeking out Odin
Odin under ice

I've danced away, died away;
Don't come looking for me
Long lost, seeking out Odin
Odin under ice

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