Letra de Schadenfreude - Goatwhore

Letra de canción de Schadenfreude de Goatwhore lyrics

The feeling of these cold hands wrapped around the heart
Shattered pride sinking into dark

This evocation of torment spreads
Hope will meet hopeless in this journey to the end

I am the cold poison of despair
I am the hollow feeling of fear
Within these walls of your secret flaws
I will seek what makes you fail

This spoiled salvation fed to the hunger of apathy

I am the bitter taste of failing love
I am the loneliness of demise
Crawl across burning coals of strife
I am sever the spirit of your pride

You will now crawl before me and worship all that I displace

I am the burning of virgin flesh
I am the crippling of sight
As you fall deeper under this spell
I will conquer your imperfect life

Once I've sown this negative theme
I will savor the ruin of all your dreams

Pushed from this edge of defeat
Fall into a heartless realms of this deceit
I am the shadow you will embrace
I am the blood of innocence defiled
Taking your life is my desire
I am the burning hatred of this fire

I am inversion of your praise
I am the darkness that consumes your heart
Kneel before this life of punishment
I will tear your soul apart
When your righteous sky fell, you eagerly followed me into this hell

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