Letra de Sargent "D" & The S.O.D. - S.o.d. Stormtroopers Of Death

Letra de canción de Sargent "D" & The S.O.D. de S.o.d. Stormtroopers Of Death lyrics

Ruthless and vicious he'll stomp on your face
Deadly, malicious, stay out of his space
He'll rip your eyes out, don't look the wrong way
And once you meet him, there's no time to pray
He'll rip your heart out, make you eat your own lips
Then crack your elbows, and crush fingertips

He'll make you wish that you didn't exist
Cause Sargent D is coming, and you're on his list

Don't cut the line, cause he'll cut off your legs
Don't take your time or you'll spend time with the dead
Don't try to trick him, he'll fill you with lead
Don't beg for mercy, he'll piss on your head
He'll kill your sister, then mail back the tits
He'll beat you senseless, then break out the whips


He'll put gas on your kids, then throw them a match
He'll back the car over grandma, then dissect her cat
With his Stormtroopers of Death, he'll come to your town
Their Uzi's rip through flesh, then it's time to chow down
Their cause if justified, their reason is clear
The word revenge is all that they hear


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