Letra de Santa Fe - Eilen Jewell

Letra de canción de Santa Fe de Eilen Jewell lyrics

You picked up a broken bottle
In case anyone gave us any trouble
And we walked all the way back to Cortez

You sang help me dear doctor
At the top of your lungs
You'd been soaking up drink like a sponge

Little boy down the street
We all heard you mournfully
Call again and again for Roberta

The mountain towns burned red
Consumed by a sunset
I'd be happy disappearing under colors like that

And I fell in love with trains,
Haunted by the old refrain
You ride the Southern, I'll ride the Santa Fe
Santa Fe...

It was wrong of me to leave
'Cause I couldn't stand a perfect thing
But I was too young to know any better

And I'd give the world if it were mine
To let these memories slip my mind
And wake up next to you one more time
One more time

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