Letra de Saddest Thing I Know - Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Letra de canción de Saddest Thing I Know de Cherry Poppin' Daddies lyrics

I hate myself
We'll have that in common
Although I've gotten most everything I wanted
Hope is still a flicker in the dark
Somewhere in the distance, a mysterious spark
If we never meet
That would be the saddest thing I know.
There's got to be somebody out there
Someone who burns like a flame
It's a beautiful night by the fountain
But I'm all alone
I don't know your name
[Dewey solos]
This is to you, if you're out there
My love, you seem to be detained
I don't deserve you, but it's too cruel
That you're not here with me
Flickering... the saddest thing...
I know

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