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Letra de canción de Revisionist Past de Dying Fetus lyrics

The long lasting record
The customary truths
Historic correlation
Questioning is moot
Victor's think the privilege
Of taking the account
Falls on their shoulders
Vain assumption flawed
Amending previous chronicles
Descends in generation
Peering through the tilted lens
Varied from your persepective
Filled from old propaganda wars
Sculted curve of knowlege
No need for reflection
When belief transcends truth
Making your own revisionist past
To cite in the face of any challenge
Erode their will
To confront, made aware of reprisal
You can't dispute revisionist past
Debate is over ascertaining fact
Berate them all
If claimed a ruse, assassinate honor

Conspiratorial posture
Of abundant detractors
Beating down the fraud
A hopeless exercise
Taking on the zealous
Errand full of risk
Imperiling all standing
Diminished significance
Claims to wisdom, ascendancy saturates
Nothing locks the preordained path
Imbued with unparalleled capacity
Possessing all means to an end
Abandoning the stance of participant
Authoring the fair version clearer
No need for reflection
When belief transcends truth
Can't be altered veracity
Don't disregard, legitimacy
It's pettiness any inquiry
To the faithful variations are not lies

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