Letra de Reset Rewind - Ana Popovic

Letra de canción de Reset Rewind de Ana Popovic lyrics

All over, time to time,
there's that moment again,
simple truth that I have
fills my chest with pain,
keeps pushing me back and
keeps pulling me down
just like I don't belong in here
like I never did

Lined up all those questions
that need the answer now
captain's lost, I know damn well
the time is gonna come
misty reality
always down to be
something I ran from as fast as I can
but it's running back at me

It's that time again
to call on my old friend
need him to remind me
who I was back then
all those dreams I had
that seemed so divine
I simply wanna reset cause I
know I can't rewind

Lord, let me reset cause I
I know I can't rewind
I wanna reset cause I
I know I can't rewind.

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