Letra de Reign The Vulture - Impiety

Letra de canción de Reign The Vulture de Impiety lyrics

Wings of torment descend!
From the blackness high above,
Into Stench Divine...
Talons of iron and steel,
Searing through flesh,
Feast of the Foul...

Son of the dragon,
Prince of Wallachia,
Renowned for his reign,
And blood soaked terror...
Infamous ruler,
fearless warrior,
Dark is his kingdom,
in the cold heart of Romania...
Vlad Tepes,
Infernal Commander,
Defending attacks from,
The ottoman empire,
Deliverer of misery,
Sadistic abhorrer,
Never defy,
This ruthless Torturer...

Sharpen and oil those wooden stakes,
Insert with care so they will not die,
Hoist them high for all to see...
The pleasures of pain now come alive...

Content with pleasure that all is secured,
Fearfull of this ruler the enemies abort,
A forest of spikes is for all to behold,
Rejoice in Pain - All impaled!
Skinned, then hung or crushed by the wheel,
Boiled and burned alive was scarce i was told,
An obsession with cruelty, Distorting the dead,
Now consume the carrions my vultures...



With the mark of the devil etched onto his blade,
Invincible so was this fierce impaler,
Casting death throughout his kingdom,
Casting pain to all the feeble...
When finally the OttomanTurks invaded,
Attacked and crushed his army of warriors,
Beheaded was he, decapitated...
The full moon night mournfully Dissipated...

Til this day there prevails a strong presence of his soul...
And clearly it can be seen and felt through the eyes of the vulture...

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