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Letra de canción de Rear View de Zayn lyrics

So much stack I wanna thank your mama
And everybody know I
Too much that, both hands can't grab
But best believe I'm gon' try
Got 5 percent on my window
No seeing into my rock
Don't think too hard girl let's go
Give me your toss when I drive

Come on baby
Tell me, baby, tell me right now
We can make that taxi, go tell it right now
Adjust the rear view, oh that's the clear view
Girl I hope you're ready, hope you're read right now
And dance is a hobby, oh, good lordy
Nothing get the porches, but she's a bugatti
Break push start it
Break push start it
Baby don't hurt nobody

Baby, pull your breaks
I think you need to pull over
Come on and swerve my way
Back it up, love me slower
Cause baby I see you
All up in my rear view
Yeah, I see you
But I need a rear view

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