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Letra de canción de Reanimated Sacrifice de Goatwhore lyrics

Deathlike trance devoid of all emotion
Renounce this path of mortal conceit
Numb to the impulse of redemption
Cleansed of grace from this false rapture

Coldness ripens within walls of flesh
Plague enters through constricting veins
Maggots penetrate decomposing skin
Defilement of this sacrificial inception

Bitter darkness of a godless dominion
Nursing worms with this fresh demise
Await the moment of the vile insurgence
Transfer through this gate within deadly rites

Taken by the void, recreate this primal state
Perish in the poisoned skin of decay
Emerge from these confines of a rancid fate

No masters rule in this endless grave
No masters exist in this vengeful rage

No masters rule in this defiled realm
No masters exist in this accursed state

Reanimated form covered with exposing sin
Adorned in this carapace of moonless flesh
Awaken from this starless tomb of rebirth

Surface from this stage of a breathless trance
Consumed darkness where eyes once dwelled
Resurrected evil from this vault of death
Feeding from the open arteries of heaven

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