Letra de Raw Youth Collage - Mura Masa

Letra de canción de Raw Youth Collage de Mura Masa lyrics

[Verse 1]
Good times
That place we used to hang out
That thing we used to do
Was it ever even there?
I miss it
I don't know who I'm supposed to be
There's some good days ahead, I think
All my friends have changed
(We're all gettin' older)
That house isn't mine anymore
That bedroom isn't mine anymore
It doesn't feel like that (Look over your shoulder)
(It feels like we're living in the end times)
I can't see past the screen
(But then, we always were)
I don't know what I'm doing
(All day screen-to-screen marathon)
How do I feel better?
(The good old days)
I wanted to be with you for this

[Verse 2]
I don't wanna go outside
It's all different
(I wanted to be by your side)
You've got your full beams on
(You've got your full beams on)
You're havin' a ball
(A romance story)
It's right there
In R.G.B.
In L.C.D.
In zeros and ones
In five-point-one
How am I supposed to live in the world?
(When nobody can cope?)
We'll have to find a way to move on
(It never felt like that)
Do you ever wish you could forget the good times?
At least then you wouldn't feel the ache
It's the hottest day on Earth
I just keep staring at that collage

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