Letra de Raw Doggin' At The Raw Bar - Swashbuckle

Letra de canción de Raw Doggin' At The Raw Bar de Swashbuckle lyrics

[Music - Nobeard | Lyrics - RedRum]

Raw doggin' at the raw bar
Saw that pretty face from afar
Bait our hooks with poison tongues
Then our dark work shall be done

Baby, there's surprise sex all over this joint
We'd get your consent, but what's the point?!
Even though she's a bit under par
We'll still go raw doggin' at the raw bar

Oh my - oysters, scallops, and clams
Then it's Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!
Time to nosh on more sea creatures
Right after we sample all your sexy features

That's what real pirates always do
And you won't ever have a fucking clue
Your innocence will be marred
When we go raw doggin' at the raw bar

Liquid encouragement we'll desire
A necessity to elevate your looks higher
To the Captain's Quarters we'll retire
Prophylactics shan't be required!

Seems we bucs are up on our luck
Lord just knows we need to fuck
So come on over and dump 'em out
These cannons'll make ya scream 'n shout

Bawl your eyes out of your head
There's nothin' we'd rather do instead
Baby batter soothes those wounds
While we hum our sexin' tunes

SCREAM OUT! Against your will!
These love juices are gonna spill
SCREAM OUT! You can't be saved!
The wailing cries echo 'til your grave

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