Letra de Raise Your Fist - Spectral

Letra de canción de Raise Your Fist de Spectral lyrics

Evil voices arise inside
Time for alcoholic nights
Maniac souls are ready to fight
Let hell break loose

Darkness comes
Don't fear the night
Come with us
Metal lust

Break your chains
Feel the sound
Raise your beer
Start the fight

Raise you fist
Possessed by metal
Raise your fist
Possessed and evil
Raise your fist
Let hell break loose

Raise your fist...

Infernal Legions
Raise their fists
Leather and chains
Blood and beer

Hammer of death
Metal nights
Together we stand
For metal we fight

We ve got no fucking God
(So) Praise the sound
Of the metalgods

Kill em all
Death to all
Fire and death
In metal we trust

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