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Letra de canción de Queen Obscene / 69 Shots de Crashdiet lyrics

Sucha fine cool lady in ya candy sheet
Mmm lookin' pretty n' ya bitter sweet
C'mon gotta give it to me
I need every inch you provide my fix
You table dance teaser show me ya trix
Roll, you make the good times call
Legs tall, you got it all
So sweet, nice to eat
You're a sex bomb love machine
69 shots o' gasoline
You're a piece of good 'ol fashion
Second to none you're the main attraction
Sirens screaming lights are flashin'
A burst of ragin' passion
Yer the cutest sweet i've ever seen
Yer my lady queen obscene
Yer the midnight foxy with a risky biz
Make a boy want with ya sugar bliss
You know what i want so let's go
Catchy little clementine pour me ya wine
69 sleazy shots one more time
You are my lucky shooting star

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