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Letra de canción de Portal To The Mind de Myriads lyrics

As I dwell upon my own state
Feelings emanate like a flowing stream
Strings of energy races through me
Feverish images spin through my brain
Gliding further into a stupor
Your limbs are getting weaker
Approaching the unknown
Closing a trance-like state
Where surrealism reigns;
Limitless and beyond
Your flight will soon begin

Into my own world
Delving into the sanctum of my soul
Disclosing what's beyond

Losing the grip of reality
Worries relieved by my fantasy
Senses tell me that I am falling
Backwards into a world within me
Losing all contact with reality
Your breath is getting slower
Into an even rhythm
Surrealistic impressions
Drags you further into the great void

Into my own world
Delving into the sanctum of my soul
Disclosing what's beyond

Falling in a profound sleep
I gradually find a revelation
From deep intuition and creativity
I am comprehending mental parts
That normally are hidden
Is my dreamy mind a portal
To the mysteries inside me?

I am dragged down by strong back-currents
Feeling desperate and in dismay

Volcanic eruptions appear
And persecute your moving self
Cyclone drags you up and drops you down
From greatest heights
Thunderstorms and lightning
Frighten you to death
Great tide ruins your footing
You're losing all control

Claustrophobic manifestations
Are closing in on me

Dark moor, slowly sinking
You are stuck, legs can't move
Mud covers your body and your eyes
You are choking, but breathe without air
Blinded by dirt in your eyes
Consider yourself in a world
Without sense perception

Follow our breath
We will embody you
We will dry your heart
With oil in water

Subtle glimmerings covers me
I have empyreal visions in my misty thoughts
Filled with doubt I am astonished
Nebulous escape from reality
You have lost control of your presence
Transcendental landscapes
Exceed time and space
Emancipated from all borders
You are present in perpetual dreams

Into my own world
Delving into the sanctum of my soul
Disclosing what's beyond

Melting into a subterranean
Reduce myself with sorcery (reduce myself with sorcery)
Floating heavily in lethargy (floating heavily in lethargy)

In the misty underground
Shadows emanate
And evaporate like eidolon
Shapes are minimalized
Flash before your eyes
Eldritch people you knew in the past
Now separated from your common life
Indelibly stamped on your memory
Reveal your bad acts and thoughts
How do you square it
With your conscience?

It's raining drops of music
As the water falls down into the abyss
Sounding like the rhythm of a drum
It gets my feet to dance around
In valleys and ravines
I hear the soft vibrations
From the shaking aspen leaves
It seems to me as a lovely lullaby
And suddenly the sky
Is glowing all in white
Above me a family of swans are gliding
The wind blowing colder
Feathers are falling and cover my body
Softly while I rest on wings, oh...

Into my eyes, into my heart
I do absorb and subsist on
Experiences and perceptions
That fills my mind and inner thoughts

I am in a world beyond my thoughts
Where impressions stabilize my composure
Rejoin my life, the moments
Of time I neglected

Why do I dream in profound sleep?
I cannot solve these mysteries
Humanity and the universe
Are in a cosmic unity

When the occurrences are colouring
My dreams and hidden thoughts
It's like I am guided through different states
Concealed from my awakened mind

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