Letra de Poisonous Existence In Reawakening - Goatwhore

Letra de canción de Poisonous Existence In Reawakening de Goatwhore lyrics

Waiting in this cavity of despair
Depraved thought overwhelms this fear
Sunken reason forms within this curse
A life of darkness will offer all remorse

Sickness inside
Punctures the core of the wind
Futile, deed
Apathy has revoked all the senses

Staring deeper into this deed of violence
Holding hands with the end of all desire
Reoccurring vision spawns fatal silence
Penetrate this abyss of eternal fire

Writhe inside
Rebirth of pain
Seed of death
Severing the soul from mind

Deviant to this new occurrence of emotionless hunger
Defilement drips with the blood of this reverence
Living out this sanction to punish the sinless through sin
Clarify in the heartless art of destructive paradise

Deeply cut marks across faces of unforgiven venial re-creations
Reborn through the torment of this prophecy

Distant, apathetic
Sanity is weakened in repeated penance
Vain, murderous
Dissect into the well of this existence

This act of transgression consumed into this blood soaked gaze
Creating this unsound prison of the end times

Stricken with this faithless embrace
Impotent to this final stage of return
Glorify the nature of elite carnage
Inflicted with this curse of mental chaos

Legacy of the insane forged in a God's delusion
Spoils of this damnation that feed a sadistic mind
Enticed into deception of a false dream of desire
Nurturing of evil turned bleak in the outcome of vile achievement

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