Letra de Playing Victim - Modern Day Escape

Letra de canción de Playing Victim de Modern Day Escape lyrics

This struggles
Enough to get carried away
Drown out in the oceans
I'm locked here inside my head
Try and float away
To ease the pain
But my anchors
Keeping me at bay
I feel like there's nothing left
And there's a gun to my head
It's driving me crazy
I'll hide away and pretend that i'm dead
And let you all win
I love playing victim
So tired and ashamed
Of what i became
Tuck my tail between my legs
Walk away
Give up on everything
Hang my head in shame
I gotta break i'm gonna break free
Dig myself a grave
I'll hide away
Bury all the pain deep inside
I'm living a lie
After a lie after a lie

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