Letra de Perdition's Light - Funeral Mist

Letra de canción de Perdition's Light de Funeral Mist lyrics

Again I entreat thee, dazzling one,
to once again embellish this quenchless soul
Redeeming curse, painful splendour impregnate
The light of utmost purity

Light to see

For blind are you who deny
the luminous holiness of an immaculate soul,
and blind are you who see mercy as a key
Mercy denied, you shall never see again

Light!...Perdition's light!

Arise now O puissant angel of our glaring doom

Miscarriage of the boundless love...
see me now so that I can eat your eyes out,
for your blindness gives me sight, as your darkness is for me light
Your dying eyes made me see, that I breathe your misery

Again I implore thee, Satanas,
to once again cast thy blessing shadow
The shadow of death and of thy impenetrable wings
Come, reduce these lands to impotence

Light to see

For blind are you
Denier of the radiant splendour in death
And blind are you who dream of salvation through sin
Sleep forever, but you shall never dream again

Light!...Perdition's light!

Emerge now O strict angel of our glaring dawn...

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