Letra de Peaches and Cream (Live) - Magnum

Letra de canción de Peaches and Cream (Live) de Magnum lyrics

Now I stand alone
Confusion spills
From the unknown

Yeah I'm going down
I don't wanna play
I won't be your clown
I ain't made that way

You're killing me
It just won't work
You're killing me
Somebody gets hurt

They say that life is like peaches and cream
I tell you something, that's only a dream
It's monumental, it's right off the scale
No happy ending, it's no fairytale

Yeah, you seem to attract
Yesterday's lies
I'll never ask

Why you're so uncool
Every word you say
I won't be your fool
I ain't made that way

You're born to lose
If justice works
You're born to lose
It can't be rehearsed

I'm just a stranger here
Can't feel the wind upon my face
I know you'll disappear
One of the things I can't replace

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