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Letra de canción de Only One In Color de Trapt lyrics

I've been searchin all my life
I used to be so color blind
You opened up my eyes
Do you want to share your dreams
See a different side of me
You're everything I need

I like it when you think out loud
The things you say when you know
There is no one else around
I can dig my own graves now
But will you smile every time
I try to crawl my way out

There is no one like you
And in a world of black and white
You are the only on in color
There is no one like you
Into history I slide
I want you to keep it all uncovered
You are the only one in color

You know when to set that mood
You can light up any room
Just by the way you move
The only one who understands
What I've given you you've given back
Come on and take my hand



You turned an old world upside down
You would've come when I was so tightly wound
And so full of doubt
I'll never tell you that two's a crowd
I know I can't get through
Without ever needing you around

(chorus x2)

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