Letra de One Day Closer to the End of the World - Cattle Decapitation

Letra de canción de One Day Closer to the End of the World de Cattle Decapitation lyrics

Awaken to the reality
Left stranded, hope has vanished
An opportunity for failure
One day closer to the end of all life on this fucking planet

Death obsessed! Infatuation with cessation
Eternal rest - request for death at my behest - held close to the breast

Clutched tight with all my might this Smith & Wesson
Us humans never learn our lessons
Possessed with deep aggression
Self-hate - the great depression
Confessing love for the end...

Why do we keep letting this life come between us?
The years won't wipe away desire for the end times!

Exit laughter
Exit pleasure
Exit appreciation
What have we done to this world?

All Hail Mortem!
All Hail Silence!
All Hail Death!
Where have you been all our lives?

One day closer
To the final tragedy
Born a life sentence of a hell on earth that we can't avoid

Lust for dying
Lust for extinction
Lusting for euthanasia
What have we done to ourselves?

We would never have asked for any of this
A chemistry that's as black as any abyss
Before our eyes, deep in our minds hope is swallowed
A black despair in the air fills the hollows

One day we all will mean nothing
Shallow graves to tomb the suffering
...And the pale horse's reigns pulling my heart strings

We walk alone from natality until mortality
We navigate lethality until fatality
Everything that's now living will one day meet its demise
Out of breath, out of time - a species out of its mind

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