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It's a good morning - drag my head up from the eider feathers
Put on my radio and morning robe - caesar for the day
It's a good morning - lay the table French cuisine, morning roll and paper
I'm reading today what's yesterday and heading for the back pages
Outside, Sunny fields and apple trees. The dragon flies and the bumble bees
The cherry skies and happy season Laughing birds have reason
Cos it's A beautiful day and my eyes disbieleve what they're seeing

Before I know it I'm walking the dog - past the butcher's past the store
Isn't it ridiculous is the theme of the day, madma De Grabo buys imported furs
You know and the grocer bows his pink skinny head in every town there's a man
In a wheelchair in every town there's an optical illusion

Out of my head what the hells's going on? Watching - Turning
The road that lies before me is the key to my day, Watching - Turning
I'm out on the road and no one can stop me
Into The safety of my car where no one can break me - Motorway - Motorway

Out in the car park the bodies are mounting
Bets are amassing, the money's being counted
The children are playing. The adults confiding Now

Crack the champagne What's the year? Sounds like 1924 down here
In the good old Summertime I broke my heart down here
In the good old major's home - Da da da da - da da da da

Crack the Champagne, shed a tear, feels like 1924 this year
In the great british Summertime. I lost my love down here
In the good old major's home

The scottish have invaded our lands again - delving inside
Take a piece of turf home To show their wives
Bring in the army !
Not of the tartan kind Give them all a prize

6 to 4 is on the run, The odds are on. Stephen Cauthen jumped the gun now he's gone
Willy Carson - done for arson, for burning up the track, the odds are wrong
Riders jumping, my heart's thumping, the favourite's on his back

It's been a good day and at last - I'm on my way. To keep my heart warm
I'm sure you enjoyed my day

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