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Letra de canción de On My Sleeve de Creed lyrics

The eyes around me are so cold
With every chance they steal my soul
So walk with me - Talk with me - Hold my hand
I'm stumbling in consequence, it buries me alive

Can you fix what's made to be broken?
I can't fix what's made to be...

[Chorus pt.1]
My Heart is tattooed on my sleeve
I'm not hiding, no, it only hurts to breathe

Standing now, I'm alone
I need answers, tell me everything you know
So heavy is the night - Exhausted
Whispers tend to crucify my mind,
I'm fighting, but I'm blind

[Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus pt.1]...
[Chorus pt.2]:
My Heart is tattooed on my sleeve
I know it's blinding, oh, it only hurts,
It only hurts, (x2), to breathe

I shout out, "Can you hear me?"
Mistakes have cost me years
Do they cost you?
Are you like me? Tell me please...

[Chorus (all)]

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