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- " I think I'll call Kendra. Hello? It's Olga. C-can I speak to Kendra, please?
- " Just hold on a minute pet. Kendra? Olga's on the phone, do you want to speak to him?
- " Ahh! I cannot!

I first saw Kendra at a pub called the Rumside Hall - in Durham
So sweet and tender but she did not even see me at all - no
She looked so nice, she smelled so fine
Oh how I wished that Kendra was mine
5 foot 1 ande eyes that were blue
A smile that made me melt
oh, what could I do?

I had to get Kendra's telephone number really quick - yes
If I came strait to the point it would do the trick - yes
I asked her if she'd like to go out with me
She said that she was flattered, but I just could't see
Why she said..

Oh! Olga I cannot
Oh! Olga I cannot

My boyfriend's sitting on the Sunday
He does not want you to see me
So Olgaaaa.. I cannot

I was really de-pressed, what could I do? I was blue
I'll ring her up again in a day or two, on Monday
Her boyfriend wasn't there, so I felt lucky
Howza bout now baby come out with me?
And she said... she said...

Oh! Olga I cannot
Oh! olga I cannot

I would if I could, but I don't think I should
I can't, well I can but I shan't - it's not good man
Olga... I cannot... I cannot! I cannot!! I cannot!!!!

I'm sorry that I ever rang
She said "Don't be dafted. Oh! Olga man
I want to see you, don't get me wrong
I'll contact you soon, it won't be long
But at the moment... I cannot."

I called Kendra another fifty times on the phone - Yes
She agreed to meet me, but I should have known - Yes
I wound the window down in the Rolls Royce
I said "Jump in the back!" and then I heard her voice
Start to say...Start to say...

Oh! Olga I cannot
Oh! Olga I cannot

I'm going to Laurete for my holiday in Spain
And when I get back, I still cannot again!
so Olgaaaaaaa....

Oh! Olga I cannot
Oh!Olga I cannot

I talked it over with my mum and me dad
But even my sister and the dog think I'm mad!
So Olga.... yes Olga..... I cannot.

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