Letra de Oh My God (Featuring Peaches) - Pink

Letra de canción de Oh My God (Featuring Peaches) de Pink lyrics

Put me on the table
Make me say your name
If I can´t remember
Then give me all your pain
I can sit and listen
Or I can make you scream
Kiss it and make it better
Just put your trust in me
Oh my God, go a little slower
Oh my God, what was that again
La da da, let me feel you baby
Let me in, ´cause I understand
Let me feel you baby
´Cause I understand
I understand all
Now climb my sugar walls
Problem solved it´s dissolved
with the solvent known as spit
Lickity lick not so quick it´s a
Slick ride make my mink slide
´Cause were all pink inside
This can be really easy
It doesn´t have to be hard
Here baby let me show you
I´ll have ya, climbing up the walls
You got all the problems
I think that I can solve
Why don´t you come in here baby
Why don´t we sit and talk
[Chorus x2]
You like the top and the bottom
You make a drop and then caught ´em
And when you rock then you´ve got ´em
Oh my God ´em oh my God ´em
[Ad libs]

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