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Letra de canción de Oh, Girl de La Mafia lyrics

Oh Girl
I'd be in trouble if you left me now
Cause I don't know where to look for love
I just don't know how

Oh girl (oh girl)
How I depend on you
To give me love when I need it
Right on time you will always be

All my friends call me a fool
They say let the woman
Take care of you
So I try to be hip
And think like the crowd
But not even the crowd
Can help me now

Oh o o o oh girl (oh girl)
What am I gonna do
I know I've got a guilty face
Girl I feel so out of place
Oh yeah (oh yeah)

Oh girl (oh girl)
No me vayas a dejar
Sin ti no puedo vivir
No puedo viviir sin ti

Oh girl (oh girl) Sabes que te quiero a ti
Sin ti no puedo vivir
No puedo vivir sin ti

Oh yeah (oh yeah)

Te necesito amor (I need you)

Te necesito

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