Letra de Obsolete Deterrence - Dying Fetus

Letra de canción de Obsolete Deterrence de Dying Fetus lyrics

All tyrants are created equal, defined by paranoia
Power through, ruthless action, no one dares defy

Diametric opposition, rules of engagement
Central fallacy of global conflict
Force to annihilate, reserved for cold war
Trapped within race, arms inertia

Resurrect a paradox, balance of terror
Time already wasted

Foolish tyrant pride, belligerent hard line
Militant delusion, struggle for domination
Repugnant provocation, threats of mass destruction

Narcissistic rage, terrorist ambition
Imminent delivery, rampant devastation
Holy murder lies, hatred passed through generation

Escalation unrestrained, desolate future world

Mutual, assured destruction
Dangerous inexperience
Weariness, acceptance of the absurd
Catastrophe, escaped by chance

Disarmament, unable to achieve
The peaceful ceasefire will never last
Dirty weapon, discarded over time
Proliferated to forgotten nation
Wielding power beyond their comprehension
Proof of the past, bitterness unheeded
Vulgar display, late acquisition
Initiate your self-destruction

Willingness to die, child's destructive impulse
World attention gained, nothing will remain
Basic contradiction of a useless weapon

Attack without survival, no fear of reprisal
Weapons long abandoned, obsolete deterrence
Terror innutiles, practical reliance

The pendulum of histories, forever oscillates
Side-effects reverberate on all the Earth
Religious hate crimes or power-mad taunts
Fundamental infamy that no god even cares for
Habitual violence, societal paralysis
Power runs out, rejected by the world

Forces of regression, uncivil dogmatic rage
Forsaken by all, insane and immortal
Alone in the endless sand of the accursed earth
Primitive tribal retaliation until the end of time

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