Letra de Nord Lead Three - Max Tundra

Letra de canción de Nord Lead Three de Max Tundra lyrics

I love my Nord Lead Three
I know she'll never cheat on me
Her walnut stick is good to feel
I like to turn her sandstone wheel
She always wears her bright red dress
What's underneath I can but guess
How about some hide-and-seek?
L'amour de nou c'est platonique

One summer in a panelled room
I plugged her into someone's loom
The majesty that did occur
Made pussycats and doggies purr
someone in the dinner queue
Had heard WMFU
He noticed all her subtle tricks
Despite their lowness in the mix

Her presets take me through the night
With spiky LFO delight
She supercedes the One and Two
I'd like to supercede her blue
Advanced subtractive synthesis
Is Heart FM's antithesis
Her family name is Clavia
Les sons qu'elle fait sont merveilleux

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