Letra de Myage - Descendents

Letra de canción de Myage de Descendents lyrics

almost ready, almost there
or is it already over?
she's a friend in need
she's a friend in deed
she needs someone to hold her

alone at night, she plans her game
correctly thinking that i'm in pain
but every night it's always the same
she be a-fuckin' with my brain

she don't need no one
she don't need no one

we all want to play your game with you
we know you're just a starter
but there's no reason for you to quit
just because we try harder

i don't want to talk on the telephone
i don't want to see no pictures
she'll find out just what she needs
and when she does i'll get her
she feels safe when she's with him
'cause he'll never try anything with her
well you know now girl, just what you want
are you going to let it scare you?
i knew it would

she don't need no one
she don't need no one

she don't need no one
she don't need no one
and she don't need me

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