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Letra de canción de My Soul For His Glory de Behexen lyrics

I believe in the one clandestine
and the unspeakable Lord,
and in the one Star amongst stars,
of wich black flame
we all have been created,
and in to where we all will return.

The secret of the secrets, in his name Lucifer!
I believe in the one covenant
of the darkness, life, light and death.
In the temple of the black star,
and in its mysteries.
And I believe in the serpent,
the poisoner of the lion, in his name, Satan...

The bands squerzed in to the prayer of devotion
The mind directed in to the black triangle,
the mystery of the matter.
With reverency I kneel...
My soul for his victory...

O' father of man, bring your bright torch for us,
and fill our temple with your infinite wisdom.
Guide us to you, in to the dark balls of cosmos
Away from life, away from light, under your wings...

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