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Did it have to come to this?
Is there no other way?
Baby, you always cut deep

Breaking up is like sliding down from the mountain you're on
You don't see what you've done
But you'll start again with somebody new
You'll never really believe he can comfort you

But once you've tasted that deadly fruit
You will suffer at the hands of every fool you go through
You go through

I thought maybe a month or so
Now I hear you're going down to Georgia
No point asking you not to go

On reflection, my rejection came as a blessing in disguise
It opened my eyes

It's impossible, there is no way you can survive
Without some sacrifice
For a tiny part of a special heart
I thought you knew where you stood at the start
But it's obvious you want more out of life
I'm sure you'll make someone a very good wife

I'm sorry for what I may have done
But what you're doing now just ain't human
You know it's wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, all wrong

Don't recognise you since you've gone
We'd just met and now you're gone already
Though you took my woman
Even took my hope
Left me grieving with nothing to show

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