Letra de My Bodom (I Am The Only One) - Children Of Bodom

Letra de canción de My Bodom (I Am The Only One) de Children Of Bodom lyrics

How'd I wake up in a ditch
Oh sonofabitch this time I'm not gonna make it
(Last night) lingers in the air
I've been everywhere and I can't...
I just can't shake it

Pick up the broken bones
Anything goes
I just wanna run the fuck away as fast as I can
Further than the middle of nowhere...anywhere!

Too shot too run, what the hell have I done, there's blood everywhere...
I see it, fell it, don't want to believe it.
I've crossed the line, way past the line.
I'm addicted, dejected over the edge my soul's infected
You were my first, bottom of the stack
I'm done with the past, I'm reborn so watch your back

Run away, crawl away, come come closer
Avert your eyes, it's almost over
Beg and plead say please put your head down
Cover your face like it's gonna fucking help are you ready
Are you ready?

I am the only one you left me walk away (dismay) slowly turns exerted (not gonna be deserted)
I am the only one you left me unscathed
Keep your eyes averted
You were my only one (but now you're just another victim deserted)

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