Letra de Mr. Laughabee's Circus - The Telepathic Butterflies

Letra de canción de Mr. Laughabee's Circus de The Telepathic Butterflies lyrics

Come down to Mr. Laughabee's circus
You'll find us there in the shade
When the sun is out, everyone here is a friend of ours
And I'm thinking of a particular dream
I had seen it through porcelain eyes
Now I'm standing here, watching the clouds in the oval
And I'm floating down...
And no one remembers the way they came
While staring and sporting the happiest gaze
Last stop is Mr. Laughabee's circus
At sunrise, all is alive
When the skies are clear
All that's required is an open mind
It's the sun that is shining
Blinding me out of the light
It's the clocks that are winding
Driving me out of my mind
It's the oldest deceptions
That leave their impressions inside
Rain down, rain down

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